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couv.2014rapportassessmentAssessment of the potential association of the fungal microbiological flora with the dieback of Agathis montana population, the micro-endemic kauri of Mont Panié, New Caledonia:
Sampling and DNA extractions


Anger N.


Rapport technique
IAC/Dayu Bilk/CI/Auckland Council/UoF/IAC

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This study will allow the comparison between the natural fungal microflora associated with both healthy and declining trees. Tissue samples (roots and cambium) will be collected with the aim of identifying possible causal agents of the Agathis montana dieback. Observations will be made to help formalize symptomology of Agathis montana dieback. This specific report has been made as a guide for DNA sequencing and subsequent analyses that will be conducted in New Zealand by Auckland Council and at University of Florida.